Daniel M. Hoyt
LegalShield Independent Associate

Legal issues can be costly but LegalShield has leveled the playing field. Making access to trusted legal counsel possible for everyone is our mission.

Although my name shows up in a Google search for legal services, I am not a Notary Public or an attorney. I cannot answer your legal questions but would be happy to explain what a LegalShield membership is and how becoming a member can help you. Keep reading for more information.

LegalShield is a service that provides affordable access to law firms all across the United States and Canada. For less than the cost of a cup of coffee per day (billed monthly or annually) you can become a member of LegalShield.
  • Have you ever had to go to court for a speeding ticket? LegalShield can help.
  • Need to prepare or update your Will? LegalShield can help.
  • Need "extra" legal protection as a gun owner? LegalShield can help.
  • Need your contracts reviewed before signing? LegalShield can help.
  • Ever had a service professional try to "rip you off"? LegalShield can help.
Think of it this way... You have health insurance so you don't have to worry about the bill when you need to see a doctor. You have auto insurance so you don't worry about repairs if you're ever in an accident. You have homeowners insurance so you don't worry about the cost of restoring your home after a natural disaster. LegalShield provides the same financial peace of mind concerning matters of law.

Your membership aligns you with not just one attorney but a law firm in your home state with attorney's specializing in all areas of the law. Your membership, combined with the thousands of other members in your state, makes LegalShield the #1 client for your provider law firm, meaning YOU get priorty service! You can contact your LegalShield law firm by making a toll-free phone call to:
  • Ask an unlimited number of questions about any legal topic regarding your rights or the rights of your immediate family members
  • Have legal documents reviewed - DON'T SIGN that contract without having an attorney review it and explain the "legalese"
  • Seek representation for minor traffic violations - YOU don't have to go to court!
  • Prepare your "Last Will and Testament", including annual review/update
    • Studies have shown that most Americans either don't have a Will or their Will is outdated
    • The average cost of creating or updating your will is often less than a LegalShield annual membership
  • Legal representation for an IRS audit
  • Legal representation for liability lawsuits (limitations apply)
  • 25% discount from hourly rate for any other legal representation
Contact Daniel M. Hoyt (715-323-1587), your LegalShield Independent Associate for the State of Wisconsin, with any questions or to get your membership started today!